355 Ratings

I have it with salads, it tastes fine and it suits me.

Great crunchy crackers. Maybe in a salad it's a great crunchy element!

Great evening snack!😍 Maybe the crackers could be less spicy.

Delicious, crispy and tasty 👍🏼

They're a little tasteless, but beautifully crispy. Finally, despite the strange taste, I like them.

I was surprised at how much garlic you can smell in there. They're great. When it says somewhere "garlicky", it usually just tastes like it's gone 10km around the garlic.

Great for TV

Excellent with hummus or avocado dip, they are very rich, so you can have a few for a snack

Great, but quite calorific :)

Pretty good - For me, pretty good and most importantly, more to the liking of my partner who is not exactly a fan of healthy eating, so if you have a similar diet at home, I recommend giving it a try.