Creatine Creapure®

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Classic creatine, it doesn't dissolve perfectly, but it's probably no creatine.

There is no better creatine🫶🏻

Great product, good solubility. I recommend creatine to anyone who wants to increase muscle mass and strength in the gym.

I recommend creatine to anyone who wants to increase their muscle mass or strength. It is one of the most researched supplements and the results are proven. Moreover, it can help even in times of greater stress on the brain, as it improves cognitive function. Moreover, with Vilgain/Aktin you are always assured of pure ingredients and top quality :)

After 4 weeks of use I feel the effects - an increase in muscle mass and even strength has increased.

Creatine should be a part of everyone who wants to perform better in their workouts. It is excellent!

Just Creatin from Aktin. Pure ingredients, what more could you want and expect from Creatin.

Absolutely the most solved supplement. For me, Creatine is and always will be #2 right after protein. I definitely recommend

Creatine, the most studied supplement in the history of dietary supplements. For anyone who wants to get stronger or just gain some muscle mass, this is an essential product.

MUST-HAVE. One of the supplements I take all the time.