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A great helper for increasing protein intake. At home we add it to every porridge, yoghurt and cottage cheese. It gives everything a nice, slightly crunchy texture and increases the content of the food itself - ideal for dieting. :-)

Taste neutral, but they crunch great. Ideal in yoghurt, porridge or homemade bars.

Fine as a crunchy addition to yogurt. The balls are tasteless. OK to try, but I probably wouldn't buy again.

Ideal for homemade granola, they have no taste on their own (logically)

Great in porridge.

Tasteless but as such + Do porridge why not 😊

By itself tasteless, but once you add it to something (porridge, yoghurt...) it's top! It crunches beautifully :)

What crunches tastes good and with these crisps it is doubly true! They have almost no taste, so you can use them anywhere! I love them combined with yogurt and fruit, or added to different recipes, or just sprinkled on top!

I'm adding to the yogurt! Great idea :))

A great protein-only gadget! They can be used in porridges, chocolate cupcakes, and overall in so many ways.