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Super crunchy protein supplement! And the taste does not offend at all.

A good crunchy addition to porridge + extra protein.

It does not have to be put only in sweet dishes. Its neutral but good taste can also be put in salads or on bread with some spread. 🤩

The taste is really neutral. Which made me a little frosty at first. But... that's the cool thing. That it can be used both salty and savory! A solid protein load and a divine crunch. What more could you ask for?! :)

Great in all yogurts, porridges, puddings, desserts, but also in peanut butter salad or cream soup. You can practically sprinkle it everywhere, they're flavour neutral. The milk protein version is better for me because of the higher protein content. But most importantly - BITE IT!!!

Taste bland, slightly milky. But considering that it is mainly used to add to something (homemade muesli, cookies,...) so it's not a bad thing. I add it to Vilgain granola and muesli in yogurt, sprinkle it on porridge and on cookies. I like my food to have some sort of crunchy component, so for me, awesome stuff.