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perfect protein packed topping, has no taste but adds crunch 😉

Tasteless, but great crunch. Good for porridge.

I like to add crisps to my yoghurt or granola / muesli when I want to increase the protein in my food.. crisps crunch great and yoghurt takes on a different dimension

I love it, a great addition to yoghurt, or even porridge when protein is lacking;-)

Your porridge gets a new dimension! #Croup

I love to add them on my yogurt for added crispiness!

I often have trouble eating cottage cheese with just the protein mixed in, but since the balls don't have a distinct taste, it's a good alternative to the classic bulk protein.

beautifully crunchy, great addition to muesli

Excellent crunchy stuff, thanks to which I sneak a good dose of protein into my muesli.

they don't taste of anything, they have no taste, they are great if you add them to homemade granola or just to porridge