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beautifully crunchy, great addition to muesli

Excellent crunchy stuff, thanks to which I sneak a good dose of protein into my muesli.

they don't taste of anything, they have no taste, they are great if you add them to homemade granola or just to porridge

how do you say it? what crunches, tastes :) it's nothing special in itself, but it can add crunch to various dishes

Awesome stuff!

in various curds and yoghurt it is a god thing

Great pidi crispy balls. I love them with yogurt or smoothie bowl and for pudding.

Great in yoghurt or porridge. Adds protein and crunch. 😊

Terribly good, for porridge, for baking. I was afraid it would get soggy quickly, but no, yummy.

Delicious, they crisp up beautifully and don't get soggy in chocolate, for example. Great for baking or just to mash.