42 Ratings

Mega good! every morning I'll just have a taste. Soft, juicy and naturally sweet. Meam ❤️

Juicy, very tasty

very good, soft

Great. Since I found out that the supermarkets add oil to them, I won't reach for any more.

Shape and taste I rate 1😂

I love plums and puddings! So I often eat these alone 😂❤️ But for inspiration you can check out my recipe for plum pudding. It's on my instagram profile @leaskalova

The best prunes - the fruits are large, soft, juicy, sweet. I recommend!

Great taste, not so sweet.

Although the plums are not sulphured or coated in oil, there are plenty of sour plums in the bag. I use prunes to sweeten my porridge, but I can't do that with these, on the contrary, I have to add nut butter to overcome the sourness.

Hi, Simone, that's really strange. Prunes can taste slightly sour, but not unpleasant. We'll be happy to check the product batch with you in an email message from us. Thank you for your feedback and have a great day.