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Super variant

I've tried several brands, but these are the best if you want whites instead of regular whites.

A great helper to diéty✌🏻 beautifully increases the volume of porridge and adds protein

Maybe in such porridge the perfect complement to classic proteins.

Absolutely fantastic stuff, the dried biltong here! Whoever invented this is a genius🤗 Micham in the shaker-it melts and foams to the heavens.. :))) And I make omelette only from dried bilki, I don't have to add classic egg at all and omelette is like a puffy wafer. Yes, kudos to this invention! 😄

Great for baking if you don't need to use the whole egg, just the whites.

Poor solubility

harder to stir, better to take with a mixer, otherwise then does its job perfectly

Great in porridges, they add fluffiness and protein.

I've tried liquid egg whites, other powdered ones, but these are absolutely unbeatable. A little milk or water, 1 scoop of egg whites, a mixer and in 5 minutes I have a beautiful fluffy "pancake/pancakes" world. No baking powder, flour, oil or other ingredients. I'm throwing in my must-haves! No smell, no aftertaste. ❤️