Egg White Powder

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I've tried liquid egg whites, other powdered ones, but these are absolutely unbeatable. A little milk, a scoop of egg whites and in 5 minutes I have a beautiful fluffy "pancake" in the world. No baking powder or other additives. I'm throwing in my must-haves! No smell, no aftertaste. ❤️

I've been using for a long time, great source of protein. I add roasted tomatoes, porek/onion, hard and the chemical taste cannot be felt! I also recommend it for sweet

One of the most important helpers in the kitchen. When you learn in what proportions to mix them to make them ideal, you can no longer do without them.

A great helper when baking or adding protein to porridge. Much better than liquid egg whites because they last a long time and you just mix them with water.

Dried egg whites are an indispensable ingredient in my barley pancakes - I never get them as fluffy with regular egg whites.

Don't know what to supplement with for quality protein? Egg whites are the obvious answer! They're great for porridge, recipes, or to make an omelette. I add mine to oatmeal where they create a beautifully creamy consistency!

If you like to bake, you will definitely use them. A quick rescue when there aren't enough eggs at home :)

I use dried egg whites for whipping when I don't want to throw away the yolk. Mostly for baking or in pancake batter. Plus, a regular egg white equals 4g of dried egg whites, so the packet will last you quite a long time too.

Excellent stuff for baking, in porridge etc...I mix 10g egg whites and 50ml water 👌

If you're used to baking/cooking high-protein meals, this is a great ingredient when you don't have to throw out the egg yolks unnecessarily. Just whisk with water and whip the egg whites into a foam, or stiff snow and add to cooked dishes.