Egg White Powder

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Maybe in such porridge the perfect complement to classic proteins.

Naprosto fantasticka zalezitost, tady ty susene bilky! Kdo tohle vymyslel, je genius🤗 Micham v sejkru-hezky se to rozpusti a napeni do nebeskych vysin.. :)) A delam omeletu jen ze susenych bilku, vubec nemusim pridavat klasicke vajicko a omeletka je jak oblacek nadychana. Ano, slava tomuto vynálezu! 😄

Great for baking if you don't need to use the whole egg, just the whites.

When I have 125 grams of egg whites in my diet. What values of dried egg whites and water do I need to mix to equal the values of the classic egg whites I have in my diet? Thank you for your help. I have it recalculated, but I'm not sure it's correct.

Hi, if 100g of product has 84 grams of protein and you need to supply 125g of protein, that is 105g of product. Have a nice day

Poor solubility

harder to stir, better to take with a mixer, otherwise then does its job perfectly

Great in porridges, they add fluffiness and protein.

I've tried liquid egg whites, other powdered ones, but these are absolutely unbeatable. A little milk or water, 1 scoop of egg whites, a mixer and in 5 minutes I have a beautiful fluffy "pancake/pancakes" world. No baking powder, flour, oil or other ingredients. I'm throwing in my must-haves! No smell, no aftertaste. ❤️

Top for baking and snow

Great for example in egg omelette.