Erythritol & Stevia, unique sweetener of natural origin without aftertaste

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Calorie-free sweetener as a substitute for sugar. It is sweeter and so much less is needed - so the packet lasts longer. 😊 A great alternative instead of sugar in baking, porridge etc...

A great option if one is looking for an alternative to sugar. It's much sweeter than sugar, so you use a lot less of it and you really only need a little bit.

My favorite sweetener! It is completely calorie free and you only need a really small amount! Indistinguishable from classic sugar!

I use it all the time! It's great! 🤍

This is the perfect thing! You just need really little and it sweetens well what you need. The taste is not artificial at all ! I recommend 🤗

A great alternative to sugar. Does not leave an unpleasant aftertaste.

It's great as normal sugar


Also a common ingredient in our kitchen. It's ultra sweet, just a little goes a long way, it's calorie free and has no aftertaste.

I admit I was a little scared of him. The only thing I don't like is unsweetened tea, and since winter is coming and I love tea, I gave it a try. It's really great. Taste neutral I can't tell at all that the tea isn't sweetened with regular sugar.