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The best sweetener

satisfaction, pleasantly sweetened

Slightly chemical tone, but otherwise great, pleasantly sweet, not overdone. A great sugar substitute for baking.

Indistinguishable from sugar :D

I don't like various substitutes etc but I gave it a chance. And I have to say, it's the bomb. I had no idea it had no aftertaste. So far I only use it in buns 🙂

An excellent sugar alternative that saves calories when baking. Especially not smell the artificial tail

- perfect for baking - does not have artificial flavour, which is common with sweeteners

A sweetener that occurs naturally in fruit, so a super choice 🥰 I use it on everything I can think of 👌🏻

I sweeten all sweet desserts with Erythitol! This one is great :)

A calorie-free natural sweetener that has no artificial tail - the perfect sugar substitute to sweeten anything.