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10/10! the tastiest jam I've had - not too sweet, great addition to protein porridge/greasy yoghurt

Výborná chuť!

If I've been buying the ones from the supermarket until now, I take these marmalades with every order, this is the bomb!🙏🏻 And the colour? I love the raspberry! Great selection! 👌🏻❤️

Je ho malo😭ale je to mňamka 🤤

great, just a small package and the price a little higher

First I was surprised by the taste, as I am used to sweet jams and jams..it's a change..but super for me excellent...but the price, it's not for regular purchases, no:(

Excellent taste, only the maracuja granules should not be in the jam :)

excellent, only if one leaves it open longer, it tends to go bad but at least it's not crammed with bullshit

For some, the marmalade may not be sweet enough, but otherwise it is delicious in conjunction with something sweeter.

- higher price for such a small package Otherwise not great