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No added sugars, preservatives or nonsense. Real bomb. The best for me is Mango / Passion Fruit - those grains there, dude ... 🥭🖤 # I love you


For toast, porridge, mug cake… the use of jams is generally very wide and so is their menu. But my favorites are undoubtedly these, as they have a quality composition (they do not contain preservatives or other unnecessary things), and at the same time absolutely excellent taste.


All your new Vilgain jams are a bomb, but for me the strawberry is completely top. Pieces of strawberries, no children's breakfast. You really did it.


Sensational unsweetened blueberry jam, not pressed, and I appreciate it very much. With protein pancakes the best!

Chunks of strawberries and tastes delicious!

If it's in stock, don't hesitate to buy it! This extraordinary marmalade with such a great composition is unseen!

Fine in yoghurt, but you can't eat it alone... And I wouldn't spread it on bread either, you want to mix it into something.

It's very good for being so lacking in sweetness (at least for me). I put it in my yogurt if I run out of fruit at home.

Excellent marmalades with an absolutely unbeatable composition! :) The strawberry is a bit more sour. The best for me is definitely the mango/maracuja, it has a very balanced sweetness of mango and sourness of maracuja. I didn't like the blueberry so much, I don't know why, but I smelled something artificial and "fragrant" in it. But given the price and the size of the pack, these jams won't be a permanent fixture in my stash. I'll definitely get mango/maracuja occasionally, but otherwise I'll stick with more affordable brands.

Excellent and most of all honest jam. - I'm just afraid it won't keep me warm for a long time. The mango passion fruit flavor fully met my expectations of the flavor. For me, great goodness definitely plans to try other flavors in the future.