311 Ratings

Absolutely brilliant. Kicks it into high gear. That's great.

Used 1x so far and it has power :D

I take it before exercise, it is perfect. I order repeatedly.

One has plenty of energy to exercise.

the best fat burner on the market, without it I don't work out anymore

The capsules smell a bit like something, so the more sensitive ones may not be completely comfortable swallowing them. Otherwise, a great formula at a great price.

I am very satisfied

I have had it only once so far, two tablets for a woman, height 160cm, weight 52kg. I didn't feel any tremors like with other similar products, sweating during strength training was more natural. Great for me!

The best burner

I must highly commend :) The burner surprised me a lot and amazed me how it can impress. I definitely recommend it!