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Now that's a big hit! I wasn't expecting such goodness, where do chips and other snacks go. Tastes like peanuts in batter or bacon chips. It's hard to believe there's no bacon in it. :D Hopefully there will be other similar variations. :-)

MNAAAAM healthy savoury snacks

Incredibly surprised! Tastes like bacon chips, you can smell the quality coming from them and they are fully packed with nutrition🔥 There were giant chunks inside that were wonderfully crunchy🤤 10/10 for me, I'm ordering again!

Surprisingly enough a good product, as an alternative to chips to the series ideal. The taste satisfied me as much as possible, I just have a problem not to eat the whole packet in one sitting.

Heaven in the Mouth ♥️

Addiction 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Excellent, once you load it you can't stop 😅

Perfection itself. I put granola everywhere - on eggs, pasta, bread, savory pancakes, salad, etc.

Bacon is the best!!!

I was skeptical at first but it's really good! I love the smell, and to have a savoury snack option; HOWEVER there is a little bit of a sweet aftertaste, I think I would prefer it unsweetened :)