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Best I've ever had.

Probably the best granola from Vilgain that I've had so far. For lovers of Bounty, Margot, etc. this is a musthave!

It's too good.

I love 🤤🤤


I have a problem that I don't like granola in general, I guess it's not really my cup of tea. But this one really surprised me pleasantly, not only with the taste but especially with the beautiful ingredients! I definitely recommend it and I look forward to ordering more flavors

coconut-mandle-cashew ➡️ best of all flavors offered😍

Delicious, crunchy with a good dose of nuts. :)

Well, I'm staring. That's the best granola I've ever had. I had a hard time not eating it all at once 🤭

very good, we liked all the flavours