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Are you always looking for those big, crunchy pieces in your granola, too? Well this is a package full of exactly those 😭❤️ Along with whole pecans. Without a doubt the best granola I've ever had. With perfect ingredients and balanced nutritional values, but that's automatic with Vilgain. I LOVE!


gingerbread was my first granola from Vilgain and for me a big YES!!!!!


I love that granola, it really tastes like gingerbread!!!

The maple syrup and also the gingerbread are top 👌 Those big chunks of granola, lots of nuts in both, crunchy, just sweet 😋


I really wanted to taste this granola, mainly because of the poppy seeds, which I really love, but this exceeded all my expectations.

Dokonalá granola

Gingerbread granola is really like gingerbread. But you can smell a lot of cloves or the root in general. But it's awfully good and it reminds you of Christmas.

The gingerbread flavor tastes just like Christmas😅😍 there are big chunks in the granola.. both granola and nuts, well yummy, I will definitely try other flavors!

Hearty granola

Best I've ever had