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Chyba mi pernickova bola top!

I agree, it could be on permanent offer here

THIS IS AN ADDICTION, I REPEAT, THIS IS AN ADDICTION. Best granola I've ever had. Order at least two packs at once, because this won't last long at home :D

This? Easy to open, (damn) hard to close. Giant chunks (whole chunks of nuts), crunchy, just the right amount of sweetness - just the way a perfect granola should be! <3 The best and with the purest ingredients I've ever had!

Oh my god! 🤤 I thought maple syrup and pecans were the best granola in the world. Until I tasted the ultimate chocolate. That's really, really incredible. If you love chocolate, you just have to try this one! 🤍

Uzasna granola, jsou v ni cele orechy a vetsi kusy samotne granoly, nejlepsii!

This granola was really good. Balanced taste, not too sweet and great pecans. I highly recommend it.

I first ordered it because I'm not a fan of granola (they usually have too much sugar), but the reviews convinced me. This is by far the BEST granola with the 'cleanest' ingredients I've ever had. It will be in every order I place from now on (and I'll definitely be trying more) 100/10 points for me ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

So these granolas are unbeatable, of course my favourite is chocolate but coconut is on its heels, yummy .. I've never had a better granola, or even a homemade one I don't like as much as this one 🤷♀️

Easy to open and very hard to stop eating. My New Addiction....

An excellent product that really only lasts a while. My least favourite was the chocolate, which unlike the pecan and salted caramel I no longer order. It was good but didn't appeal to me as much as the others mentioned above.