Vilgain Grass-fed Collagen Peptides

57 Ratings

Very good collagen, easy to dissolve, taste no problem to drink even on its own, sometimes I add flavdrops. I recommend

Super collagen at a good price.

Great collagen, no smell at all, I whisk it into hot chocolate. ☺️

Slightly soluble

Compared price and quality I am very satisfied with this collagen. I add it to my tea where it doesn't smell at all. I have seen a difference especially on my joints (stress from regular running) and my nails are stronger. I order regularly

So far so good, finishing the first pack and going for the second. I have a good feeling about it, nice skin and a little better nails

For me, great satisfaction. I started to notice the results after about a month and a half. My nails are stronger and my skin looks healthier. As far as my hair is concerned, I can't be too objective (I have dreadlocks) 😅 Not only was I pleased with the results, but also with the (un)taste of the collagen itself... You almost can't tell that it's in the drink, so it's a hit 👌🏻

I didn't know how to enjoy it, because it's impossible to watch it alone. But according to the advice here in the discussion, you add it to a tea or other drink and it's a hit, you can hardly tell. So in the end, great!!! I'm still curious about the effect, I'm using it today for the 1st day

After a month of use my hair has visibly improved, especially the ends of my hair, I definitely recommend it.

The best-tasting collagen so far. And if it works, we'll see in time.