Vilgain Grass-Fed Whey Protein

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Protein King! - When I first heard about what a hit Aktin was going to be, I had no doubt at all that it wouldn't live up to expectations. And the reality? Protein is DIVINE! I totally appreciate the four-ingredient formula with no added sugars and other unnecessary stuff ❤️ Quality and good taste lovers, jump on it :)

I totally agree. 🙌 I also have salted caramel and I love both its pure ingredients and quality ingredients, as well as the amazing creaminess and essential aroma of caramel. 😍

Not very sweet, which for me is a plus. Dissolves well and tastes good

Great proteins, pure ingredients, love it!!!

The best unflavoured whey protein I have had the opportunity to try so far. Pure creamy taste. I don't have any feeling of heaviness in my stomach as with some other producers and I have no need to further flavour it. I put it in my milk.

For me a super protein with a pleasant taste. And it was the only one I liked with water, and I had more proteins from other brands.

Unflavoured version: only minimal whey smell, no artificial taste, a little harder to mix, but solubility is fine. I use mainly in porridges, but also for drinking and fine.

🥰 The bestiiiiiiiiiiiii

For people who are bothered by the aftertaste of other brands of proteins. It's less sweet, but it doesn't interfere at all. For me personally, it's more of an advantage because I can add 30g to 40g of flakes and they're not oversweetened or have an aftertaste at all.

Great taste. Finally a chocolate protein that doesn't taste artificial. 👌

Excellent taste I put in porridge and I am satisfied