Ground Vanilla

62 Ratings

Excellent in baking, but also in porridge, to which it adds the perfect flavour.

totally awesome!

Altro must have di casa Vilgain. Vaniglia Bourbon purissima che si può utilizzare in tutte le preparazioni!

Excellent taste and aroma, I certainly didn't order it last time.

Great vanilla for desserts!!!


Not very distinctive

I love vanilla and especially when I simmer apples with maple syrup it gives them the perfect flavor. And when combined in Hokkaido or carrot cake, awesome. And I don't have to bother with a vanilla pod this handy mini jar is no-fuss I scoop it onto a spoon and it's done

I love ground vanilla - it's a handy package and form when one doesn't want to bother with the pod. It smells lovely and this one is super priced too. :)

I add it to porridges, baking and vanilla in glass is super handy.

I really missed this in our market!