Ground Vanilla

100 Ratings

Fine ground vanilla, loose consistency and smells lovely. Just has a little weaker flavor it is necessary to add a little more to make it smell. I use it in baking, in porridges and to flavour smoothies.

Great real vanilla, I put it in everything!🤌🏻

I use it for baking and it is top.

Expensive, but good. Definitely better than vanillin sugar 😂

Finally I won't have to put vanilla sugar everywhere to make it vanilla flavored XD

All it takes is a little bit and your food is on another level. Natural aroma. Ideal as an original gift.

Great for baking or for flavouring, for example, porridge or cottage cheese. Cute little package in glass🥰

Excellent in baking, but also in porridge, to which it adds the perfect flavour.

totally awesome!

Altro must have di casa Vilgain. Vaniglia Bourbon purissima che si può utilizzare in tutte le preparazioni!