Vilgain Hazelnut Cocoa Spread

70 Ratings

Excellent. Kind of like Nutella, only better.

For me, a substitute for Nutella.

Masakrrrrr the best:)

Nutella that actually contains nuts? Yes! The extra good stuff, but not extra sweet, fits in the diet and in porridge or yoghurt? Heaven in a pinch!

It tastes almost like nutella, only less sweet.

Total love <3

Fakt moc dobré

It was love at first taste ❤️

It smells slightly of erythritol (such a cold feeling on the tongue), but otherwise it is perfect. It can't be eaten by the spoonful (which is probably a good thing :D), but it's perfect on, for example, pancakes.

no-end butter (like all of them) and since I'm a huge fan of dark chocolate, this is my heart's champion ❤️