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Dokonalá krémová kaše!

They're not flakes, like flakes... There really is an incredible difference in the ordinary from these. They're instantly creamy, just luxurious.

Such flakes were lacking on the market.

It's just right for the mash

Super flakes! :) It's nice to change it up. But it's not up to the classic one minute oats!

Excellent flakes, they did not disappoint. I cooked according to the instructions on the package (in the microwave) and they retained their consistency beautifully, the porridge was creamy but not overcooked. :) I think that even when cooked conventionally on the stove they will be delicious.

As soon as I tried them I liked them very much. Also perfectly creamy flakes are these big jumbo ones. I adore the porridge of whole flakes. And I like that they come in this package and that they are not in a box. Because I always need to have everything properly sealed, even the flakes