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I hate the taste of homemade ketchup! - But this one doesn't taste like it at all. It tastes like any other ketchup that doesn't have the happiest ingredients. Just add Aktin Sausage and I'll be able to indulge in a piggy healthy dinner. 🤯😂

The best ketchup on the market! Taste and ingredients are great! The only thing - the packaging. More practical would be "squeezable", so that half of the jar does not spill on the plate. :D

Quality ketchup without unnecessary flavourings, flavour enhancers and the like. Just tomatoes. A great choice for those who want quality. :-)

Great, I have nothing to complain about 😊

Really great ketchup. I highly recommend it

Ketchup that tastes good to myself, but also to the rest of the family. It's fresh, with a clean formula and by being without added sugar, you can enjoy the natural taste more :).

Delicious ketchup👍

the most common reason for my order from Aktin, along with their minute flakes:)

A little unusual taste at first, but now I wouldn't buy a regular one :)

For many years I didn't buy any other kecup than Hellmans, but when one starts to be more interested in the composition, one is horrified how much unnecessary sugar and added ingredients are contained in common commercial kecups. Of course, this kecup is slightly more sour than the sweetened one from the store, but looking at the number of kcal it doesn't bother me at all 🤩. I mainly use the kecup for Vilgain pizza base.