Macadamia Nut Butter

18 Ratings

this butter will put you on your ass! It has a more liquid consistency, but the specific taste of macadamia nuts is still subtly enhanced by the salt, so you won't want to let the butter out of your hand!

Honestly... I wasn't sure what to expect from macadamia butter, but this exceeded my expectations! on my favorite protein brownies, in yogurt, porridge or just on a spoon <3

A great trio that I would definitely recommend.

This nutty novelty was a success! Macadamia butter will captivate you with its unusual and very special taste. In the butter you will find pieces of nuts and dried raspberries, which give the butter an even more interesting taste! The butter is sweet after the honey and a little sour after the raspberries.

These have succeeded cocoa with honey is not too sweet slightly smell the salt and is crunchy yummy, raspberries and honey contains bits of lyo raspberries that makes it interesting with a little salt also did not disappoint, and pure macadamias with a subtle taste of salt, super nutty texture and have just the right liquid consistency

Slightly sweet, sour from raspberries and salty at the same time. This butter tastes so special to me that it's really good :-D

Since macadamia nuts are some of the fattiest (with just the right fats, don't worry), that makes this butter one of the tastiest. Yum! Extra soft, but with chunks - the perfect combination! I was surprised by the honey sweetening, but very much approved!

Great taste