Vilgain Macadamia Nut Butter

79 Ratings

Loved it! And the pinch of salt gives 100% good feelings!

This is such a perfect taste, I can't even put it into words :D

Small bites, great taste and absolutely divine consistency in one word DOKO!

New favourite butters 🙌🏻❤️ macadamia nuts are a god thing and I missed the butter made from them in the range !

Very oily, but that's part of it, the taste is otherwise great! Just get used to the portion of oil😅

I probably had slightly higher expectations, but it is very good and the crunchy pieces of nuts are a big plus

I had high hopes for this buttercream, but unfortunately the raspberries and honey disappointed me very much. On the other hand, the clean, slightly salty buttercream made me happy. It's perfect for savoury and sweet breakfasts. (both versions tried)

I LOVE one of the best butters!

this butter will put you on your ass! It has a more liquid consistency, but the specific taste of macadamia nuts is still subtly enhanced by the salt, so you won't want to let the butter out of your hand!

Great taste