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I recommend👐🏼

For me, magnesium is a must for every great athlete.

works great, I don't have cramps after strength training anymore

Great, functional, affordable magnesium. I don't buy any other. :)

Sleeping better and the cramps have disappeared too 👍

I usually take three tablets along with zinc from Prom-IN before bed. A must for me. The price/performance ratio is great.

Best supplement/vitamin - helped a lot with fatigue.

The best magnesium! I have been taking it for a long time and I feel a big difference. I also appreciate that it is bisglycinate.

Must have! 😊👌🏼 If taken regularly, it helps with stress, sleep and even depression. Another plus is nice and strong nails. I appreciate that it is bisglycinate. It would just need more Mg malate and L-threonate.

It solved my headaches. I recommend it.