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There's nothing to add. Awesome magnesium.

Super products

Absolutely perfect!

I take magnesium every morning and also zinc every night before bed from the same brand... I can't say that there is any special change, but my migraine has disappeared since then... so it probably has some effects and this is a good news for me 😊

Better quality sleep after the first use.

For me TOP product, the best from Vilgain in terms of magnesium, and I have tried many products with magnesium.

Magnesium is one of the most deficient minerals and also one of the most important, so it should be as an absolute staple for every athlete. 🏋️‍♂️ It contributes to reducing the level of fatigue, supports the nervous system, muscles and maintains healthy bones and teeth. For me, definitely magnesium from vilgain, as it has a much higher absorption rate (about 80%) than some of its cheaper forms like oxides. I recommend it 🫡

Good form of magnesium, nice packaging, probably not much to specifically evaluate here...


Works great and excellent price/performance ratio,quality Big thumbs up... I'm adding this brand to my list of favorite brands right away. You can see that the guys at Aktin know exactly what they wanted to do and they did it without compromise and great. Thanks:)