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Almost immediately the effect can be felt. - Already after the second dose I felt a surge of energy and overall freshness. It is a huge advantage that this magnesium is sold in capsules and not tablets, as capsules have a higher solubility, hence higher potency - which is also what this product promises. A great purchase for me, I will definitely be repeating it.


Great! - Unlike the other magnesiums, you only need to take 3 tablets a day and you're good to go - the previous one I had 6 tablets (and that was from the more expensive and well absorbed forms, just probably more "redene")🤦♀️ So great satisfaction. The effects are visible immediately- no fatigue, no cramps ( I am epileptic, so it helps me even for myoclonic jerks 👌). Just a great supplement. I definitely recommend it.


An absolute MUST-HAVE for the muscles & nervous system. My muscles often ached not only after exercise, but I would get stressed even when it was completely banal. I tried incorporating magnesium and bingo - just what I needed.


The price-performance ratio is second to none! I've been taking Magnesium with Zinc at night for quite a number of years! Supplementing with Magnesium should not only be done by athletes🙏🏼 But beware, Magnesium is not liked with other supplements, only Zinc is friends:) so supplement separately from the others! (and preferably outside of food)


Great product - Really great product - compared to the pills from the pharmacy ( where I felt no effect ) I really feel the effect after just 2 pills.


Perfect composition, as is customary with this brand. Two tablets in the evening and sleep like a baby :-)

Finally magnesium, which helped with the leg cramps and although I was skeptical, it also improved my falling asleep and overall sleep.

I supplement in the evening before going to bed and I can only recommend it.

a daily necessity that I can't sleep without

Since I exercise regularly, magnesium is a must. I rate this one from Aktin very positively. High efficiency!