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I don't think it's a bad quick snack at all. I really like to have this shake at work. After all, as with Mana or any other food alternative, the taste is a tribute to the unusual and probably not for everyone. For me, great!

Maybe I would have liked it to be a bit more sweet, but otherwise I like it very much.

Perfect quick meal, especially when you can't make it to work 😀

Taste-wise I can not complain, the vanilla flavor is very tasty. Mealshake is really thick and rich, unfortunately it's probably not for me...I'd rather bite into something big :D

A great, quick meal replacement when you're running low. But remember - it's not long term!

Very good taste, unusual consistency, but never mind! I would like some bigger pack😊

for me approved! it fulfills its purpose and it tastes great!

Supre 👍🏼 excellent taste

I think it's a great idea as a snack or when you can't eat at the moment. The ingredients are really great, it contains a lot of nutrients but the taste didn't impress me. You can drink it. The consistency is thicker, filling but the taste is not so good. :)

I had a chance to taste it only as a sample, but honestly the taste is nothing-much.. as if so "sandy" I tried it both with milk and water and I was not impressed.