Minute tortilla BIO

41 Ratings

I recommend once in a while or every time you order to throw in the cart, they won't get lost at home! 😊😌

Composition always comes first. Tortillas can never be missing in our house and I finally found one with a great ingredient and at a nice price!

I'll bet my nut butter collection that everyone will love these tortillas - they are irresistibly fluffy, soft and delicious, and they have only the finest ingredients.

The power of good!

Excellent taste, but they break a little (probably because there are no additives in the ingredients, which is a big plus), so for me great, but I recommend eating them as quickly as possible, the longer they are open, the more they break

Chuť 8/10, ale je fajn.

Excellent to work with, holds its shape well after wrapping

Great ingredients, great taste, beautifully crispy, I have nothing to add! This one was good 🤟

Perfectly pure composition and superior taste. As with everything from Aktin/Vilgain 🤭 the big advantage over the wrap is that the tortilla does not tear, so it can be rolled well.