Vilgain Multivitamin for Women

answered questions
Hello, is it possible to combine with sensual flow vitamins?
Hello, I have from you ashwagandha, Korean ginseng and vit. C. I am thinking about this product. Is it possible to combine it? And is it better to supplement D3K2 separately or will this product be enough for me?
good day, I have been taking probiotics from actin for a long time and I like them very much. I wonder if when I start taking this product I should stop taking probiotics separately for the great effect or the content of probiotics in this product is sufficient.
Hello😊. I want to ask if it is advisable to take a multivitamin at a certain time of the day, with meals, both capsules at the same time..??? Thank you very much in advance! Lenka😊
Hi, is there any amount of omega 3/6 in the product?
Can my wife take it even if she is pregnant? Thank you
Hello, can I take probiotics separately, even if they are already there?
Have a nice day, is it possible to take it together with D3 and is it better to take both capsules of the multivitamin at the same time or with a time gap? Thank you
Hey, how about taking it with Ashwagandha? Is that too much? :)
Hi, is it possible to take at the same time with Magnesium and Zinc? Or is it overcombined then?