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A lot of people write that this multivitamin stinks, yes it's true, but it's worth the benefits ! You can see that it is not some chemical bomb 😁🔥

I didn't expect the box to be so small and practical 💪 I've tried a lot of multivitamins and this one is definitely one of the best.. as for the smell, it's really intense, but that's not why you buy a multivitamin, is it? but it's true that I was warned that I probably smelled like garbage (I had a tablet on my desk) 😄

Quality multivitamins.

I'm satisfied. I don't understand people who write that the smell is unbearable... you put vitamins and minerals in it, why do you expect a delicacy? Plus, the pill is swallowed.... Anyway, I mainly wanted to ask and make sure I'm taking it correctly - Can I take 2 pills a day at once or should I space it out? And is it better to take it during meals or when? Thank you in advance for the answer

Hi, you can dose 2 pieces at a time, ideally with or after a meal. Have a nice day

The whole thing stinks when you open it. Otherwise it has a good composition.

A lot of reviews that the capsules smell... Yes, they have a typical smell. But it's definitely not something that can't be overcome. I've been taking them for a long time and am completely satisfied. I don't mind their smell, on the contrary, I appreciate that nothing unnecessary is added to taste.

Supplements all the necessary vitamins in one capsule, I take year round and satisfaction :)

Aktin made a competition for Reflex. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, so it's going to depend on the details, which brand you want to support, or which one you'll subjectively feel some differences with. Reflex has more, but again some ingredients are in irrelevant quantities. It's hard to say which one is better, I'd probably try both and decide in the future by feel.

Super comprehensive multivitamin, covered all the important and necessary vitamins in 1 tablet. Ideal for the autumn and winter season :)

Alternative to Nexgen Pro. For me a great formulation and a great price. I was very surprised by the fully active form of vitamin B9. Thumbs up for that.