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Cool, suits me

ideal composition, ideally balanced, the product is not overvitaminated, the recommended daily doses are not exceeded unnecessarily, many times

A quality multivitamin, one not to be missed

I take a multivitamin regularly, it's my must have product, I put it on once a year, and I'm satisfied. Regular vitamin tests show me everything in the norm, and this helper has definitely influenced that as well.

Packed with a combo of vitamins, you only take two pills a day 💪💪💪

A great helper and one of the accessories that really pays off. 🫡 It's especially good during times when we are generally more prone to illness, like fall. Then also as a prevention if you have a monotonous diet or are in a calorie deficit. ✔️

Super capsules. With competing vitamins I always used to get sick to my stomach, but these suit me. You can take them on an empty stomach. But of course it is better with food, because some vitamins and minerals are only absorbed with the help of other substances :)

I'm satisfied.

How come they don't stink anymore? :D

I didn't expect the box to be so small and practical 💪 I've tried a lot of multivitamins and this one is definitely one of the best.. as for the smell, it's really intense, but that's not why you buy a multivitamin, is it? but it's true that I was warned that I probably smelled like garbage (I had a tablet on my desk) 😄