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Supplements all the necessary vitamins in one capsule, I take year round and satisfaction :)

Aktin made a competition for Reflex. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, so it's going to depend on the details, which brand you want to support, or which one you'll subjectively feel some differences with. Reflex has more, but again some ingredients are in irrelevant quantities. It's hard to say which one is better, I'd probably try both and decide in the future by feel.

Super comprehensive multivitamin, covered all the important and necessary vitamins in 1 tablet. Ideal for the autumn and winter season :)

Alternative to Nexgen Pro. For me a great formulation and a great price. I was very surprised by the fully active form of vitamin B9. Thumbs up for that.

For me, the dietary supplement that pays off the most. In this one, the extra vitamins and minerals are in active form (chelated), which is very important in a multivitamin because of absorption. I use it all year round.

I'm already on my second pack and I'm very satisfied. I'm on a diet and everything is going well. I feel good, my fitness and mood is great, it's growing nicely too. Quite possibly also thanks to these super vitamins. I recommend it for those who want to have a little insurance to a healthy and varied diet :) and on a side note... I really like the box. It's pretty, practical and can be used for other things after use.

It is one of the best I have ever seen!!!

A multivitamin is advantageous in that it contains all the vitamins you need in one capsule so you don't have to take several different vitamins individually. I personally take one capsule every day together with vit. D3 (only in winter) and omega 3, which I take 3 times a day. Vitamins are very important for the body and they definitely work out cheaper this way too!

Satisfaction - Multivitamin impressed me with its composition. Nothing is missing, at the same time nothing is too much. The fact that the multivitamin doesn't smell at all is more about habit and there is no need to smell it, put it in my mouth, drink it and bye. So satisfaction!

Best multivitamin - I am very satisfied with the multivitamin. Since I have been taking it, I am not tired and feel better overall. I have tried other brands but none have helped me from fatigue like this one. For me TOP .