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Goodness, classic mustard :-)

Excellent, full-bodied taste. Not to be missed in my kitchen.

Tak tato horcica, mnam, vyborna a ako vonia

Classic mustard :)

The composition and taste suits me best. I don't buy other food anymore and it tastes good even for children.

Very good, I'm ordering another one.

Very good taste. We liked it and buy it regularly :)

For me it tastes twice as good as any other from the Shop. The aroma is really aromatic, and you can tell it's not some cheap mustard from Kaulfand on sale 😁

Just mustard. However, according to Aktin, so without preservatives, without various flavorings, acidity regulators... Definitely a big plus for omega 3, selenium, magnesium, folic acid and iron. So anyway, taste-wise it's just a bit more subtle, otherwise it's like any other. So if I were a frequent mustard consumer, it shouldn't be missing from my shopping cart.

Best mustard I've ever had, reminds me of my childhood :) I'm waiting for it to be stocked and I'm already sending my order.