Nut Butter Cups BIO

610 Ratings

I haven't decided if it's good or bad that there are only three pieces in the pack 🤔

very good, just one as a sweet spot after lunch, great!

Peanut butter - Now this is something really luxurious! I've never had Reese's but after tasting this I can't believe they could taste any better. I recommend them!!! The almond butter flavor didn't impress me too much not bad but no miracle.

With this one, kcal can't be dealt with... taste bomb

Um, I recommend not to buy, there is a risk of addiction 🥹

The distinctive taste of chocolate overpowered the taste of peanut butter

The best of the boredom flavor guilds dine in every order 🫶🏻

incredible goodness, I just need one piece / there are 3 / and my sweet cells are satisfied


Great dark chocolate and nut butter cupcakes. Delicious on their own, but I put them in warm porridge where they melt beautifully. 🙂