Nut Butter Cups BIO

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I haven't decided if it's good or bad that there are only three pieces in the pack 🤔

Interesting little piece of candy, but I didn't get such a wow effect that I would buy it for that money again.

Trošičku moc čokoládové

I've never eaten a better basket. The filling is wonderfully creamy and fluffy. Yummy! I'm having trouble not eating all 3 at once 😄

Heaven in the mouth! Really. And I say that as a proud Reese's eater. :)

absolutely excellent

Simply excellent!!

I don't like dark chocolate, but this is fine. It could be a little more sweet.❤️

Good quality chocolate, tastes delicious, but I must say I like the classic "unhealthy" Reeses better 😀🙈

I AM HERE FOR THAT! I love the flavor, texture and the perfect size for a sweet spot after lunch or dinner 🥜