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The best salted nut butter 👌 I use it most often as a tortilla filling, to flavor salads and on baked goods 🤍

Perfect, managed

Anyone here who likes the flavor of sour cream chips with onions my formerly best flavor! So you can make potato chips at home yourself! Slice the potatoes thinly wrap them in nut spray shup fryer ! Also, but for salads, marinating meat ! Its taste is very delicate and whipped ! It's a big yes for me and my husband. Vilgain 👍


I was a bit scared of it and bought it for the second time 😁 but it was a surprise. I think the chosen flavour will be a success, because this combination of flavours wins with me even with chips. I used it as a dip for wraps. And for me, it definitely can be. ❤️


At first I could smell the delicious connection between the almonds and onions and there are also bits of nuts in there. I could imagine just spreading it on bread as a kedis pork lard and chopped onions (food of my childhood). You don't even need salt because it contains it and the yoghurt powder gives it that creamy flavour. This cream won't spoil in the heat wherever you take it, plus the handy packaging. It also contains chives and the taste is irresistible and hard to describe. For roasted pumpkin absolutely top

Very surprised! For those who sometimes like salty, great product. It goes well with crackers.

Vilgain jede! 👍 Salted nut butters are a rarity on our market and this one can proudly take the top spot! It's amazingly smooth, creamy and sort of fluffy. 🤩 For me, a huge surprise was the giant pieces of almonds, which bring the butter to perfection, and thanks to them, it stands up as a delicacy in itself. The taste of onion, garlic and chives is very pleasant and unobtrusive. Definitely another favorite for me! ♥


I expected it to be good, but it was so good, perfection!!!


I've never had salted butter and I didn't know what to expect, but it was a very pleasant surprise, it's very good for pasta, or for marinating meat, even as a dip for nachos:)

Sour with onions really good. I like the nut bits. 👌