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Very good even on a spoon alone, I look forward to trying it when marinating meats and such. So far I've used it for one-pot meals and everyone has praised it 👍.

This version is also delicious, but will the "sour cream and onion" version ever be available again? Thank you :-)

Hi, this version is no longer planned. However, we have this one, I recommend you check it out: https://Aktin.cz/Vilgain-nut-spread/slane-mandle-a-makadamy-180-g-37866. Have a nice day

Interesting and very good combination. With toast it's too dense, but I ate it on a spoon.

Strange taste,surprised but very good with meat.

What? delicious butter 😀

BBQ bacon tastes like smoked almonds simply, great for savoury breakfasts and just as a savoury mls.

This?! This is absolute perfection! It looks best on salty oatmeal, pancakes or waffles!🫶

Totally awesome! New addiction 😅

Onion cream - the best flavour, I love it the most in toast.

This is a big hit..👌 I'm not big on sweet butters, so this is a godsend. 😅 BBQ bacon and cream of onion a luxurious affair. The butters contain chunks of nuts, the flavors are balanced, smooth and they stretch nicely. I'd probably rate the bacon as a hair better, it contains cashews and that makes it super smooth and creamy and a little more to my taste. 😊 Both are great as a base dip for summer rolls though. 👍