112 Ratings

Love at first taste! ♥ Easy to open, hard to close - totally fits :D BBQ bacon flavour = my new favourite among nut butters♥

The taste totally reminds me of bacon chips

BBQ bacon is our most popular nut butter. My sister recommends it with all ten

I was slightly apprehensive, but this is a must have. I love it!

amazing butter, at first I thought I would not be impressed, but on bread or salad delicious

The BBQ bacon flavour was incredibly disappointing. I couldn't even swallow this Nut spread.

BBQ at ease. I put it on a tortilla

Salted almonds and macadamias are a great combination and will not be lost among nut creams.

I love, love, love

As a lover of sweet and salty combinations, I have to say that this butter is simply unbeatable!🤩 11/10 for me!😍