Organic 1 Minute Buckwheat Meal

59 Ratings

the best of all porridge🥰

Excellent! Quick to make and tastes amazing

My favorite porridge.

Super fulfilled expectations

Can be cool for me

tasty simple breakfast <3

I love your oatmeal. But this buckwheat porridge took my breakfast to an even higher level! It's a hair better than oatmeal. I don't cover it with water but cook it normally in the pot and add protein towards the end. It's wonderfully creamy and has a wonderful "nutty" taste. I recommend it to everyone! Especially after it I am not as bloated as after oatmeal.

My favorite and most easy breakfast, just pour water or milk over the porridge, add fruit and nuts and a delicious full meal is ready in a minute 😍👌

Excellent porridge with milk. I recommend.