Organic 1 Minute Buckwheat Meal

147 Ratings

I think she's great.

Super diversification with 1 Minute Oats. Definitely a bit more creamy and no aftertaste.

Better than semolina

Buckwheat has its own specific taste, but I add protein or peanut butter, so it's actually yummy

breakfast ready in 1 minute <3

The quicker the lunch, the happier JA ♥️ This is an example of how you can shake up a brutal lunch out of buckwheat porridge

Great taste and quick preparation. I would have appreciated a bigger package 😊

I love this porridge😍 I eat it every day and it's probably in every order !!!

The best porridge in the world!! ❤️ It melts beautifully, the nutty smell and taste. I buy it over and over again ☺️

Specific buckwheat taste, but I like it. Nutritionally it comes out the best of all (rice/corn/chickpea...). Just a little and it fills you up.