Organic 1 Minute Rice Meal

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I can't imagine a morning without this porridge 🙈.. Since I tried it, cereal has gone by the wayside... 🤷♀️

Great quick breakfast or snack

Very good rice porridge, not only for allergy sufferers or celiacs. With cocoa (I personally use ajala elixir), a little melted ghee or butter, it serves as an almost indistinguishable semolina porridge and especially faster. So only some might mind the occasional harder bits of rice, but there are really few.

So I love this porridge. When I add cocoa, chicory syrup, sprinkle coconut and add raspberries... it mentally takes me back to my childhood, reminds me of semolina porridge. I had to order it again... because for me it's "pure addiction" 👍

Easy to prepare, the porridge is very tasty and I can add whatever I feel like 😍😋

A quick, healthy and fine breakfast. What more?

A quick breakfast or snack when you're craving porridge, but oatmeal :))

Taste very good and especially quick rice porridge! I put cocoa in it sometimes. I highly recommend it!

Instant rice porridge is the best alternative to porridge for me. Plus, just pour boiling water over it and you're done. I like rice porridge best with dark chocolate and cooked raspberries.

If there's no time for oatmeal on the stove, rice is a great alternative! Still very tasty and more digestible due to the lower fiber content. A great pre-workout! I just mix the porridge with the protein and pour hot water over it, eat it and I'm ready to train :)