Organic 1 Minute Rice Meal

163 Ratings

I always have to buy at least 4 packs! It's right off is amazing...I add cocoa, cinnamon, maple syrup and chicory syrup and...BOMB!!!

Excellent creamy porridge, great even without flavoring. It's just quite expensive.

Excellent rice porridge, I supplement with protein, pour milk and add lots of fruit. It is necessary to pour it with a hot drink and stir well, this will guarantee a great consistency without lumps and lumps.

Great for breakfast, but also for snacks

Fine porridge, good solubility.

Super, but very sweet

The best porridge!

The best porridge.

Yummy! Definitely try it.

Pleasant taste, but there are occasionally hard bits of rice in the porridge.

Hello, we recommend to stir more or add more water to dissolve the porridge well. Have a nice day