Organic 1 Minute Rice Meal

270 Ratings

Very good porridge, it is quickly ready ;)

Super fast and tasty porridge!

If you're bored of porridge try this one,just pour water and the porridge is ready in a minute😍

Quick and easy. Tasty and filling.

She's really fast! That's the great thing about it. I did a ratio of 6 tablespoons of porridge to 250ml of hot milk and it had a great consistency ☺️✨️

A little harder bits in the porridge, otherwise excellent taste.



Maybe that minute isn't even needed :) Very fine and tasty crossbow. With chocolate protein it's a luxury!

I regularly make my (un)semolina porridge from rice porridge, which tastes just like the one from my childhood. But it's also great for school boxes - just cover with water, add protein and yoghurt and you're ready in minutes <3