Organic 1 Minute Rice Meal

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Unlike buckwheat porridge it doesn't have such a specific taste, and I probably like it more, but I flavour it with nut butter or protein

With fruit or with chocolate and a little sweetener, a super breakfast

Delicate and very tasty porridge. It is easy to stir and does not form lumps. :)

Very tasty porridge

It's the second time I've had her, she's great.

Breakfast ready in 2 minutes. Taste very good, especially with milk.

Super easy to prepare, I like it😊

I've had it several times, very good porridge, I like it better than oatmeal. 😇

I don't like porridge much, but I wanted to try this one and I don't regret it, it's really great.

Very good porridge, quick to prepare :)