Vilgain Organic 1 Minute Sorghum Meal

62 Ratings

Super sorghum cassette, which you can just pour water and sniff with whatever you want. In the morning, if you don't have time, this cassette saves time and money.

Super product

This porridge is perfect!

Nutritious, fast and good breakfast. I whisk it into plant milk and sweeten with chicory syrup/honey/protein. Recommended.

One of my new favorite porridges. A fine alternative to oatmeal. Quick and easy to prepare.

Porridge is very good even with water, otherwise I prefer instant porridge with milk.

It has this interesting good specific taste. Cool stuff, definitely recommend to try.

A quick porridge that has surprised me I tried it for the first time and it has such a delicious nutty taste . It's quick to just stir into milk or water. It's tastier in milk and the kids like it too

excellent porridge! there are harder pieces in it even after cooking, but I guess I don't mind... I make it by slowly mixing it into heated milk and water, boil it for a while and then let it sit in the bowl for a while.

I don't know if you've changed suppliers, but now the porridge is unfortunately inedible. It's the same with this brand of porridge.

Hello, if the goods are not in order, please contact with the batch number and we will be happy to sort it out with you. Have a nice day