Organic Avocado oil

21 Ratings

A great thing for the kitchen! I use it both cold and hot :)

Excellent oil for salads! A great alternative to olive oil. I can only recommend it.

The best oil for cooking, no aftertaste so for sweet and salty😍 Only when it heats up it has a strange smell, but it doesn't affect the food afterwards

Delicate avocado taste. Excellent in salads.

The oil smells like vomit, unusable for me in a salad, but I don't recommend this one for the more olfactory sensitive. I have not encountered this smell with other avocado oils.

Hi, sorry to hear about your experience, avocado oil has a distinct and specific smell, which is typical for it. I've emailed to follow up. Have a nice day

I mean, it smells like a sore leg, but it serves its purpose, better than canola🥲😅