Organic Baking Powder

53 Ratings

Absolutely great product with perhaps the most stylish packaging KP can have :D. I use it almost every day, maybe in baked porridge or of course in baking.

A must for my favorite baking. And yes even baking powder exists in a healthier version.

Surely you know this, the recipe says "one teaspoon of baking powder". So you unwrap the packet, put one teaspoon in the batter and you're left with a sort of bagged amount of powder that you then store until the next baking. This big package is just great. You simply scoop out the amount you need. And you don't buy so many packets so often ;-)

It's great to have a big pack on hand because mine goes fast. And what surprised me most is how beautifully white it is and the cake rises nicely with it

Finally someone thought of doing a big pack! DĚ KU JU

The ideal helper for baking. I appreciate the large package

Great, no problem

Very convenient, without all those little packages I used to use all the time Very convenient

Finally a bigger package and not those piddly little bags.

It fulfils its function.