Organic Brown Basmati Rice

104 Ratings

Personally, I don't like the choice of rice, but I have to say that I like the fact that the rice is not sticky and has a great composition.

We're the type that loves soft, sticky rice. This is the opposite. :D But there are some dishes that I just like it more! Especially Indian food.

I really like it, easy to prepare 😇

Great taste, not sticky and probably the best rice for Indian food.

Excellent, easy to prepare and great taste.

The taste is great. I cannot give 5 stars only because it's not quick to use, since you have to rinse it and then make some other passages while cooking

Rice is love. And I really liked this brown basmati! I always have a supply of it at home.

After cooking, basmati rice is beautifully loose, not sticky and tastes great. It doesn't overcook even if you try 😁 Plus, it's perfectly filling thanks to the fiber 👌.

Full of fiber, minerals, vitamins and which is super important - organic, what do you need more from rice? :) Perfect base for so many meals.

The rice is weird, but mixed with classic white basmati is fine.