Vilgain Organic choco drops

208 Ratings

I buy repeatedly 😁

For baking, for munching, or in porridge excellent thing.

Very good

Very good chocolate

Excellent in porridge! I can only recommend it.

They're fine, sometimes I have them just for the taste :) However, they have a slightly cold tail at the end, which is not the most pleasant, so I give one star less.

Yum! and since we can't double the sugar

Chocolates are delicious for me, in the porridge yoghurt. The dark chocolate is just delicious.

Absolutely delicious!

Delicious, it melts beautifully on the porridge and has a really rich taste. I was worried about the coconut, I didn't notice it until I got home, I ordered the flavour and it just has a slight tail which I don't mind.