Organic Coconut milk, coconut milk without additives as a plant-based alternative to cream

95 Ratings

Super to eat

A must for every household

I love coconut milk and this did not disappoint 😊

A great alternative, especially for cooking instead of cream.

For a 400 ml pack the can half empty but otherwise taste fine and too thick consistency

Hi, if the milk is stiff, it means that it has been exposed to low temperatures and has changed consistency. It doesn't bother anything. If you put it in heat, it will loosen up again :-) Have a nice day

Great consistency :)

great, and especially without the E's

Much better milk than I've come across in regular stores so far.

I use it mainly in soups to thicken or in sauces. :)

Coconut milk is an absolute must have for me. Since I like to cook various curries very often. Moreover, I know that Aktin is always very particular about the ingredients and origin! So thumbs up for me. :)