Organic Coconut milk

158 Ratings

Really an excellent quality have long been looking for a good coconut milk this has now convinced me to the fullest extent only the 184 kcal are not suitable for a diet.

I've never tasted coconut milk like this before, awesome!

For me the best coconut milk I've had. I haven't tried that many, but this is great.

I haven't had better milk, I am extremely satisfied. Excellent taste and consistency. I'm definitely ordering more for my stock

Tasty, clean, quality, what more could you ask for.

Probably the best coconut milk I've had😉 I recommend it!

Fantastic. I am satisfied in both sweet and savoury recipes.

I love coconut milk, and I never thought it would be so delicious in sauces and baking

The best coconut milk I've tried so far. Consistency, taste, price 👌🏼

We often cook various curries at home, so coconut milk is a total must have for me. :)