Organic Coconut Sirup

91 Ratings

I was expecting a stronger coconut taste.

The best syrup from the world of syrups. Excellent taste and sweetening.

Attention! Everyone who loves coconut, this is the thing you have to try. It is a sweetener that is not only good for topping breakfast pancakes, flavouring cottage cheese or yoghurt, but also in iced coffee, baking and also in savoury dishes #asiancuisine. For me, one big YES!

I don't know what to compare it to, but it's good.

A great and very tasty sweetener! I definitely recommend it... 🙏🏼 I use it especially in no-bake desserts to bring out its caramel flavor 🤗

Pleasant taste.

great caramel, I use it in baking and as a topping for desserts❤️

You can't really fault the syrup, can you? Just liquid sugar, beautiful ❤︎ I've been using only maple for a long time, so coconut sugar is a nice it's 400ml and that's a real load :D

The best coconut syrup I've had really. You can immediately taste that it's good quality and not diluted with anything. It has its own specific flavor great to sweeten a cake or just pour it on, waffles, pancakes , dessert or any dessert. Since it is quite sweet you don't need to use much of it.

Great taste, very sweet, so no need to add extra sugar or other sweetener.