Organic Coconut Sirup

65 Ratings

great caramel, I use it in baking and as a topping for desserts❤️

You can't really fault the syrup, can you? Just liquid sugar, beautiful ❤︎ I've been using only maple for a long time, so coconut sugar is a nice it's 400ml and that's a real load :D

The best coconut syrup I've had really. You can immediately taste that it's good quality and not diluted with anything. It has its own specific flavor great to sweeten a cake or just pour it on, waffles, pancakes , dessert or any dessert. Since it is quite sweet you don't need to use much of it.

Top ceiling! Caramel consistency, great taste! Will it last long and e.g. for pancakes or my homemade magnum? I RECOMMEND

Great taste, very sweet, so no need to add extra sugar or other sweetener.

a hundred times better than some low-calorie topping full of artificial sweeteners. Because a few extra calories never killed anyone, especially in this case, in exchange for a divine taste experience! Great natural coconut taste with a hint of caramel. I pour it on basically everything :D

Na lievance, kaše, vločky super dochucovadlo!

its taste reminds me a lot of those lollipops in the shape of a pacifier from the pilgrimage😂 otherwise it tastes good

Perfect the best sweetener I've ever tried.

perfect for porridge 😍