Organic Coffee Single Origin ground

14 Ratings

Coffee for every home! Value for money? Really great! Taste really great coffee.

Coffee is a lifesaver for my low blood pressure! I'm not addicted to caffeine, but I need something in the morning to stabilize my pressure, otherwise I feel sick :/ I don't want to add unnecessary calories with sugar and milk, but I also want the coffee to taste good. This one ticks all the boxes. You don't need sugar or milk and still enjoy it.

By far the best coffee I've ever had. I already have a second pack at home and my mom took it right away 😄 It's worth at least trying it 🙈


Super coffee!

Beautiful scent, high quality

The coffee was a very pleasant surprise. The taste is pleasantly mild, a little nutty. It can be made into a stronger coffee if you squeeze it a lot. It's just not really suitable for filter coffee, it's very finely ground.

Great coffee! I will not buy another one! Thanks for all the Vilgain products! 😍