Organic Coffee Single Origin ground

47 Ratings

Excellent coffee, nothing to complain about.

With Alper milk ideal ☕️

Excellent quality coffee at a great price :-) the taste is great and delicate!

Výborná káva

I didn't have high expectations from this coffee, given its low price, which is higher than any tchibo, but something tempted me to try it. Now I'm very glad I did. Thanks to the light roast, the coffee is smooth and has nice sour notes. Definitely worth a try for me.

I am the biggest coffee lover and I don't exist without coffee! This one is just great and I always have it in my house. I recommend trying it!

Coffee for every home! Value for money? Really great! Taste really great coffee.

Coffee is a lifesaver for my low blood pressure! I'm not addicted to caffeine, but I need something in the morning to stabilize my pressure, otherwise I feel sick :/ I don't want to add unnecessary calories with sugar and milk, but I also want the coffee to taste good. This one ticks all the boxes. You don't need sugar or milk and still enjoy it.

By far the best coffee I've ever had. I already have a second pack at home and my mom took it right away 😄 It's worth at least trying it 🙈