Organic Coffee Single Origin whole beans

48 Ratings

Pleasantly nuanced taste. I appreciate especially the organic quality.

The main reason I recommend drinking coffee in reasonable amounts is because of its HEALTH IMPACT ☕️. Anyway, even with coffee, QUALITY will always come first, which is why I have to highlight the roasting method, namely LIGHT ROAST. ⚡️ Coffee from such beans is slightly sourer in taste, but you will often find a greater flavour combination. With this roasting, you not only get COFFEE, but also a diverse blend of antioxidants and nootropics. The coffee has a quality guarantee and this single ORIGIN, thanks to which we know the origin of the beans and even under what conditions the beans are grown. This coffee is very popular at home ! Mainly because of its quality, but also because of its great aroma and intense taste!

We loved this coffee at home! Intense aroma and even more intense taste!

Lightly roasted and thus quite sour coffee with a rather bland taste. Some people may like it, for me it is not quite the right nut. But for the price it's definitely OK

For the price very good coffee, I would buy again

dik. pomohlo

My favorite daily coffee. I look forward to making it every morning and the smell of it kicks me into the day.

Great coffee, tried in a chemex and in a moka pot. Only the packaging could be resealable.

I didn't have any great expectations from this coffee, I'm quite a gourmet when it comes to coffee and I'm usually skeptical about coffee that doesn't come from branded (or certified by me) roasters. That's why I was really pleasantly surprised at how good this coffee is. :) The flavour is rather sweet and mild, and I would recommend it to anyone starting out drinking coffee, as they won't be put off by the overly acidity. :) For me, I'll definitely give it a thumbs up and order again. :)

Excellent coffee at a luxury price!

Best 😋👍