Organic Coffee Single Origin whole beans

23 Ratings

Great coffee, tried in a chemex and in a moka pot. Only the packaging could be resealable.

I didn't have any great expectations from this coffee, I'm quite a gourmet when it comes to coffee and I'm usually skeptical about coffee that doesn't come from branded (or certified by me) roasters. That's why I was really pleasantly surprised at how good this coffee is. :) The flavour is rather sweet and mild, and I would recommend it to anyone starting out drinking coffee, as they won't be put off by the overly acidity. :) For me, I'll definitely give it a thumbs up and order again. :)

Excellent coffee at a luxury price!

Best 😋👍

Pleasant aroma , good taste. Kicker aka nature .

Delicate, not overheated coffee. I feel a pleasant taste of nuts in it. There is nothing better than enjoying freshly ground coffee at breakfast or in the afternoon relaxation.

Excellent coffee, not overheated, delicate taste, reasonable price.

The coffee is delicate and tastes delicious 😊 exactly my cup of coffee 😀👌

Thumbs up for "light roast" - I prefer to brew my coffee through a filter, which is why I ordered it to test. Personally tested via Aeropress and overall I rate it very positively. The flavor is slightly bitter and overall less pronounced (which may be a shame). Minor minus for the packaging - not resealable. For the price I think very good :)

Cool - Coffee nothing strong, just coffee. It bothers me that the package can not be closed in any reasonable way, resealable would be better.