Organic Energy Ball

65 Ratings

Yummy, it's delicious. I definitely recommend it😍

The taste is good, especially the raspberry, but it's really just a snack, I don't really understand why it's presented as a snack to fill you up. For that reason, I find the price a bit exorbitant. 32 crowns for one small ball is quite a lot.

Great consistency and bite size so you don't overeat by mistake :D

I recommend it very much it's absolute perfection 🥰🥰

Almond with raspberry jam is top 👌🏼👌🏼

Almond raspberry- beautifully fresh taste, ideal snack for summer days.

It's a total blast.

There's nothing to say here but I LOVE it!

The taste of almonds was too strong for me. But I must say that it was delicious. It suits me to pack it in my handbag for a snack.

Really very good, I would just appreciate a bigger package 🤭