Organic Energy Bar

70 Ratings

Cocoa nibs are the top! I would eat it :-). Vanilla with mulberry is already a bit lame, but nothing that can't be eaten, very sweet for my taste.

Mám rada morusi

pure composition and a pleasantly crunchy element in the form of cocoa nibs... YUM!

I liked the taste and consistency, the cacao nibs & almonds had a great cacao flavour and I liked the crunchiness of the almonds and cacao nibs, however if the mulberry & vanilla was a bit less sweet I wouldn't mind :)

Very good, maybe in your handbag as a little snack

strange, "unusual"

Moc dobrý! 😍

Very big surprise, really great taste and consistency. I don't normally like cocoa nibs, but here they fit perfectly.

Beautifully juicy bar! The bar is a great pre-workout for me! Quality ingredients, amazing flavors-what more could you ask for? For me, the vanilla flavor is just a little bit better!

Personally, I like mostly protein bars, but for some more active trips (hiking, after a run, before the gym,...) Energy Mars is a great helper. The taste is one of the best, but they still retain their quality ingredients!