Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

78 Ratings

One of the best olives :)

The best-tasting olive. I won't buy another one!

Best olive oil I've ever had, especially in a cold kitchen.

The beloved OLIVE - belongs only in the cold kitchen. It has a low smoke point and thus burns easily. I use it most in salads🌱

GRAL of my kitchen 👌 My 🖤 It has not only gained my 🖤 thanks to its taste and use in the kitchen, but also thanks to a number of health benefits and thanks to fatty acids, antioxidants, polyphenols, etc🙏🏻 Use rather for gentle 🔥 cooking or quick frying up to 180 ° C.

Olive oil is unbeatable

Very nice surprise - The oil is very good, tasty, pleasantly soft but at the same time strong compared to some. Who likes Greek olive oils will not go crazy.

I currently prefer spray oils, but definitely a must for every kitchen!

The best olive oil - Originally, I took this oil only as a replenishment of supplies for my classic Franz Josef, but God !!!! This cannot be compared to the others. It is clear that it is really fresh, has a distinctive, slightly pungent taste and is suitable for salads as well as for soaking fresh bread. I recommend trying, this is a completely different level than you are used to.