Organic Fusilli Chickpea

108 Ratings

They taste good and don't bloat.

I love them.

A great alternative to classic pasta if you don't like legumes or want to increase your daily protein intake.

Excellent pasta, quick preparation.

I buy repeatedly. The preparation is quick, the taste is good and filling 😊

Chickpea pasta and red lentil ones are a staple for me! They are delicious and as a bonus they are QUICKLY cooked. They have super nutritional values, so they are great for those who are losing weight or need to catch up on protein intake or cut back on carbs.

I'm studying, so time for some big cooking is minimal and I don't want to keep banging out regular pasta or rice, so I tried them and bomb! Chickpea, pea or coco, they all taste great! When I do buy, though, it's a min 5 pack, they disappear fast😂

The best chickpea pasta I've ever tried.:)

Another quickie! I'm not really the pasta type to compare taste in a relevant way, but I bought some, tried them and liked them :) Per 100g they have up to 19g of protein and a brutal 16g of fibre! Ingredients simple - organic chickpea flour. If you're looking for something quick and nutritious, or like a boost of protein in your meals, this is a good choice.

I don't really care for legume pasta, but these chickpea ones have a very interesting flavor that we like to come back to at home. :)