Organic Fusilli Chickpea

74 Ratings

I don't ride extra on the legume pasta, but these chickpeas have a very interesting taste, which we like to return to at home. :)

Of the "protein" pastas, these are the most delicious. They have 20 g of protein per 100 g, so you no longer have to add meat. Just mix with the sauce (eg tomato), sprinkle with cheese and you have a nutritionally full lunch or dinner. And that portion? DREAM!

I don't need chickpeas or legume varieties in general, but this surprised me very much, compared to other brands I find juicy pasta, it keeps its shape after cooking and they are very good!

-Preparation: very fast -taste: excellent; Personally, it seems different to me than with classic pasta and better

The best legume pasta I've ever had. The taste is most reminiscent of classic pasta. But what intrigued me most was the quick pasta preparation. I can conjure lunch with them in five minutes.

Definitely thumbs up! They are excellent, fast done, great composition :)

Excellent I love that they are done quickly

They are really delicious in taste.

Top ceiling !! ❤️I could be sure every day!

Great! - For me, these and other pasta from Aktinu are absolutely great! The taste is absolutely great and in addition they have a great proportion of protein, fiber and are ready quickly! Thumbs up for me. :)