Organic Fusilli Red Lentil

149 Ratings

Very good, a great change from plain pasta and probably the only way I can get legumes in.

I don't know what makes it next level compared to other manufacturers. There's hardly any difference from conventional pasta

Taste completely neutral, for me great, with sauce and vegetables indistinguishable from normal :)

This pasta is perhaps the best substitute I've ever had. They're really delicious and you can't tell it's made with anything other than regular flour.

excellent pasta if you are looking for a nutritionally balanced and healthy substitute. I can recommend it with cream and broccoli!

Great taste!

Peckaaaa. For me the perfect alternative to classic wheat pasta. They are naturally gluten-free, lentils contain a lot of fiber, are rich in complex carbohydrates, and taste great to me. Also suitable for celiacs

An interesting alternative to classic pasta. Much more protein, legumes in the ingredients (specifically lentils) so also a nice way to include legumes in your diet if you don't completely need them in classic form. Taste-wise they totally won me over, in fact they might even be better than the classic ones!

First experience with legume pasta and the taste is not so different from the classic ones. I will definitely buy again

This pasta is not to be missed at home.