Organic Fusilli Red Lentil

77 Ratings

Super composition, great taste, the only thing I can complain about is the small packaging. Why don't you at least do some weight? 😁


I love ! - Super composition, lots of protein, great taste and are done in minutes! I will order more often 🥰


For a tasty quick lunch absolutely perfect product!

I didn't like red lentil pasta because I always smelled such a legume taste ... come on? This is a completely different song and I was really staring! In addition to super macros and fiber content, they taste perfect and you can indulge in a vegan quick lunch with minimal effort

My favorite legume pasta. I never miss him at home. They are very good, they have a great composition and they are also super fast! :)

I order regularly, there could just be a larger package, let it go straight to stock.

They are good, a good substitute for ordinary, but I don't know which sauce to combine with. Ice with tomato.

I like lentil pasta, they are ready quickly and have a lot of protein. It's a nice way to get legumes on your diet.

Great pasta full of protein. There is nothing wrong with the taste, done in a moment, uncooked. It can be combined both sweet and salty. Good choice if I don't want to cook lentils as such :)

very good pasta - Substitute for classic pasta super! I will definitely continue to buy