Organic Fusilli Red Lentil

192 Ratings

Excellent taste, quick preparation with a solid amount of protein :-)

everything great - price, composition and quality


The pasta cooks well and quickly. They are naturally gluten free and I love that they contain so much protein. For me it's a hit! And definitely suitable for kids too.

very tasty!

My favorite legume pasta. They are delicious and super fast to make. What more could you want? :)

I order regularly, they taste great and are fine for a quick lunch/dinner ☺️🥰

Top. Especially if you want to make the side dish a protein source.

They don't smell like lentils.

Lentil pasta is a great way to enrich your diet and a slightly different food to include more protein in your diet. Just mix with any sauce and a simple meal is on the table!