Organic Fusilli Wholegrain Spelt

129 Ratings

For a spelt pasta :)

My very favorite pasta ! The perfect healthier choice 🤍

It holds its shape beautifully, has a nutty taste and a quick cooking time. I buy repeatedly.

Probably the best pasta ever. I don't order any other!

I was very surprised at how good they are. I've tried whole wheat pasta before and didn't like it, it was too dry, which I definitely can't say about these. I recommend trying it!

Na klasicke to chutove nema, ale jako zdravejsi alternativa je to super🥳

If pasta - then choose the whole grain option. They have more fiber and will please your digestion more :) I have tried these and they are great :)

Cough at all tasteless slim pastes or overpriced protein pasta! Choose either classics or these spelled (or rye variants) :) They are cooked for a while and you will conjure great food from them!

The taste is very good, they cook quickly and they are so ... "soft"

I love them fast