Organic Fusilli Wholegrain Spelt

86 Ratings

Very good, quick preparation, good shape hold. I buy repeatedly.

Cough at all tasteless slim pastes or overpriced protein pasta! Choose either classics or these spelled (or rye variants) :) They are cooked for a while and you will conjure great food from them!

The taste is very good, they cook quickly and they are so ... "soft"

I love being fast

I don't buy others anymore!

Super composition, great taste, the only thing I can complain about is the small packaging. Why don't you at least do some weight? 😁

Great! - For me, these and other pasta from Aktinu are absolutely great! The taste is absolutely great and in addition they have a great proportion of protein, fiber and are ready quickly! Thumbs up for me. :)

Excellent - I love them, they are great! ❤️

I recommend! - Delicious, fast pasta :)

I definitely recommend - For me very tasty pasta, better than normal!