Organic Garlic Granules

126 Ratings

Best for quick cooking! :)

excellent, I often use it to flavour dishes, strong aroma

Best thing for sauces, especially if you don't always have fresh garlic on hand (like I do on nitro).

Must have for quickies! For example, when I want to make a quick dip - I mix just a little skyr/yogurt with a spoonful of mayonnaise. I season with a pinch of salt, add some herbs and just this dried garlic and a great dip - and if I add a little water and dressing - it's ready to go! 🔥

Top quality and taste, I can not praise.

Really tasty to anything

Satisfaction. but in the food is not smelled at all

I put it in absolutely everything when cooking :D

Great satisfaction, beautiful to use, great aftertaste - I buy repeatedly and will continue to buy as long as Vilgain has it on offer.

Super helper. Aromatic, adds flavor and aroma to the food. I use it when I just want to add flavor and don't want the food to taste so strong and be pungent like with fresh garlic. I've been putting it in my little one's spaghetti since he was 6 months old. It doesn't smell like dirty socks, which I always found with the store-bought ones... 🙈