Organic Garlic Granules

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I ordered it for the first time, I will try it in theory

If you don't mind fresh garlic, this is the bomb. I love the taste and smell of garlic, but then I always feel guilty for half a day and it's hard. But that doesn't happen after this, and potato pancakes are great with it.

I got it for the first time

Not to be missed in the pantry, along with onions are my very favorite actinic products :)

Great, classic garlic. The packaging is super

Am I the only one who puts garlic everywhere? :D

Best for quick cooking! :)

excellent, I often use it to flavour dishes, strong aroma

Best thing for sauces, especially if you don't always have fresh garlic on hand (like I do on nitro).

Must have for quickies! For example, when I want to make a quick dip - I mix just a little skyr/yogurt with a spoonful of mayonnaise. I season with a pinch of salt, add some herbs and just this dried garlic and a great dip - and if I add a little water and dressing - it's ready to go! 🔥