Organic Garlic Granules

70 Ratings

Super helper. Aromatic, adds flavor and aroma to the food. I use it when I just want to add flavor and don't want the food to taste so strong and be pungent like with fresh garlic. I've been putting it in my little one's spaghetti since he was 6 months old. It doesn't smell like dirty socks, which I always found with the store-bought ones... 🙈

Great spice when I'm lazy to puree garlic - it's very intense so just a little bit is enough to finish any dish :)

Great for meat marinades.

I would like to recommend garlic for shrimp. When I let them warm up in the oven (I buy frozen in Iceland) and I don't want to put fresh garlic on them because it's just harder to do, I sprinkle this on them and it's delicious. It's the same with meat or any mixture. If you like garlic, give it a try.

Most of the dried garlic I've had the opportunity to taste has never been distinctive, but that can't be said for this one. Just a little bit and you can really taste it. 😁

Adds flavour to the food

You'd think... ordinary dried garlic... but this one's really got a kick! For example, to quickly flavour some skyr dip or sour cream, it's just divine! It does the same flavor service as the fresh one. But without the work! Because I don't know about you, but I hate washing garlic press. :D


Excellent, I will order again!

Great as an ingredient in savoury cuisine. Meals taste great after garlic.

I love garlic in general, unfortunately not everyone has it the same way and this is a great way to use it. Its flavor is not extra pronounced, but at the same time it flavors the dish just right.