Vilgain Organic Hot Chocolate

45 Ratings

the best morning drink

It dissolves badly. Small pieces remain floating in the drink, but otherwise with honey and milk it is very good.

Very good chocolate flavor

Excellent. Sweet is not at all so tasteful. I put it directly into the frother with milk and there is no problem in solubility either as a hot or cold variant. Or as a sprinkle on porridge or in baking.

Quality grated dark chocolate

I LOVE IT!!! It melts great and the taste is absolutely perfect.

Very mild, not sweet at all, it taught me to drink more milk, I drink even half a pack a day :)....I'm going to order a bitter one :D!

I love chocolate and this is quite disappointing. It doesn't dazzle, but it doesn't offend either.

I don't know, if I wanted organic chocolate shavings, I would buy 2 100g of organic chocolate and grate them finely myself. More like somehow hot chocolate is more likely to be used as a sprinkle on porridge or cakes, as the drink itself (from milk and water) is not good and the solubility is also questionable.

Fine product, but I would not order again.