Organic Japan Matcha

107 Ratings

good solubility, pleasant taste

Matcha is a miracle! It's full of energy and slower to release compared to coffee, so after a cup of matcha I'm energized for the whole morning. Vilgain Matcha is organic quality with a distinct green tea taste. I can't imagine my day without it anymore.

Truly the best matcha I've ever had ❤️

It tastes really great! A big plus that it is really from can taste it. I recommend it!

The best I've ever had!

I succumbed to matcha obsession only recently and I recommend every lover of this gem to try this one! great for a homemade (iced) matcha latte, which is especially delicious with soy or almond milk <33

I never liked matcha until I tasted this one. Now I drink it every day.

I fell in love with matcha and now I can make it at home whenever I feel like it!🤤

There are only 2 types of people: those who love matcha and those who hate it 💁🏼♀️😅 I'm definitely a matcha lover and this product only helps it, great taste and brutal foam 🤩 use a blender when preparing to make sure it dissolves well ✌🏽

Excellent matcha! Perfect for a Matcha Latte at home. It might just dissolve more in the water, or you have to blend it so there are no chunks left at the bottom. But in combination with milk! YUM