Vilgain Organic Korean pickled vegetable

58 Ratings

Great for me! Classic kimchi is too intense and spicy for me, this mix is mild and really tasty. I will definitely keep ordering:)

Excellent veggies, great adaptation to kimchi :)

strong taste, I have to get used to it :)

Great taste but I wouldn't call it kimchi, it's a slightly spicy fermented vegetable

excellent with meat

Very tasty vegetables, I will buy again.

One of the better kimchi on the market at a good price, could be hotter

Super! I like that it's not too spicy so you taste also the veggies :) it's still spicy though! :D

Perfect taste a little different from other kimchi I've tried, but I enjoy it all the more. It's not too acidic.

I LOVE kimchi and this has topped my kimchi list so far!