Organic Oat Flour

98 Ratings

Ideal for healthy baking

Oat flour with a pure composition and very good origin. Nothing more needs to be said.

My most used flour is great to work with and never disappoints

I used to blend my flakes into flour when baking, but later I decided it was just extra work and bought it straight ground. You'll never get the same grind as if you buy straight flour anyway :) and you can tell the fineness in recipes a lot compared to ground flakes!

Oat flour = delicious muffins ! 🙂

fine flour - finely ground oatmeal. Good taste and price.

satisfaction - suitable alternative for healthier treats :-)

Great! - For baking this flour is absolutely great! It makes the dough supple and fluffy :)

Great for baking! - Whole grain & great for those who are lazy to grind their flakes into flour. #AndyApproved

Not bad if you know how to use it 😉