Vilgain Organic Oat Sticks

28 Ratings

Nice taste of basqlka and oregano, just not enough 😃

A good snack to Netflix & Chill :) Such a substitute for the classic bars and chips, and even though they don't come with bits of salt, they taste so good.

fine but I was surprised how thin the sticks are :D otherwise they are not extra salty the taste is so weak but it tastes very good

Interesting taste super crunchy I ate them for a sit down meal. I would have accepted a little more salt but I didn't mind

Super crusty to the TV. I will definitely order again

I opened them just to taste them, but they are so delicious I ate them in one sitting 🙂.

Very good.

Very satisfied, I was afraid they would taste "too healthy", but they have a nice salty taste. Good snack.

Very good sticks

It's good but a little tasteless