Organic Onion Granules

164 Ratings

Excellent thing for cooking.I like to use dried onions.I will buy again.

Dried onion - a great seasoning for flavouring various dishes, also excellent for marinades for meat.

Luxurious spices :) and the would take 250g pack!!! :D

I've been using onion powder for a long time, but it's hard to find...That's why I'm glad that Aktin offers it in perfect quality :-).

pleasantly surprised

Great for everything! Great in scrambled eggs too 😉

Best for quick cooking! :)

excellent, I often use it to flavour dishes, strong aroma

I don't like fresh onions and he said that was a lifesaver for me. Perfect for sauces 😍

Great satisfaction, easy to use, tastes good - I am very satisfied!